How can we help?

How can we help?

Creating innovative and efficient workspace

The workspace is the heart of any business. It’s an expression of a company’s culture and an extension of the brand.

It’s also where employees spend the majority of their day, which means a company’s productivity is closely linked to its work environment.

However, creating an office or workspace that inspires, nurtures creativity and improves employee happiness, enjoyment and wellbeing is a specialised skill – it’s part art, part science.

Experts in workspace creation
The Pivotal Facilities team of passionate and creative experts have the skills, experience and tools needed to create vibrant, functional and efficient work environments on any scale.

Whether you’re looking to set up premises from scratch, refurbish, reinvent or relocate, we can create a vibrant and productive environment to foster innovation and boost productivity.

Flexible, end-to-end solution
Our holistic solution is able to meet your business’s unique requirements and deliver the best possible environment within the available budget.

Through our consultative approach, we’ll work closely and collaboratively with you to identify exactly what you want and need. Our detailed workspace audit and analysis ensures we comprehensively understand your specific requirements.

We then manage the process according to the brief from concept and to final handover, and beyond. Our team manages every element of the process expertly and professionally to deliver a workspace that you can be proud of.

Our end-to-end offering includes a wide range of services:

  • We’ll source you the perfect office space.
  • We’ll conceptualise and design your workspace.
  • We’ll project manage the full build process from concept to handover.
  • We’ll construct the physical environment, from walling and roofing, to carpeting and ducting.
  • We’ll fit, furnish and style your new offices, or give a refurbished space the update it needs.
  • We’ll take care of all your technology requirements, including connectivity, networking, telephony and ICT infrastructure.
  • We’ll manage all your HVAC, occupational health and safety regulatory compliance, auditing and certification requirements, as well as the ongoing monitoring and management thereof.
  • We’ll manage your new facility, whether that’s access control security and guarding, facilities monitoring, cleaning or gardening. We can also leverage our bespoke Facilities Management software solution to handle all ticketing, contract management, asset management and reporting requirements.

We’ll construct your workspace while you build your business. Pivotal Facilities is your one-stop provider for all your workspace and technology requirements.

Flexible pricing structure
The Pivotal Facility service offering can be delivered as a scheduled upfront capital expenditure cost model, or as a per seat cost model, billed over the contract period as a monthly fee.

Let Pivotal Facilities reimagine, redesign and restructure your workspace to ensure that it works just as hard as you do.

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